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Arthylae has established itself as a reference in the art of living, offering a resolutely innovative and distinctive approach. At the heart of our DNA lies an absolute mastery of materials, with each creation testifying to meticulous expertise in working with glass, feathers, wood and metal.

Our creative studio is a true laboratory where innovative ideas flourish, capturing the essence of our name, which evokes both art and Hylé, the Greek word for material. This is the birthplace of creations that transcend aesthetics to become symbols of a refined and luxurious art of living.

Inspired by the infinite beauty of the world, we draw our creativity from nature, art in all its forms, as well as from our memories and travel journals. Each piece created at Arthylae is a unique visual story, where every detail is carefully orchestrated to invite sensory immersion. Here, elegance is synonymous with innovation, creating a unique universe where refinement and harmony meet our customers’ dreams.



Our commitment to excellence transcends the simple selection of noble materials, becoming a true artistic odyssey. Each of our choices, from glass to feathers, from precious wood to metal, symbolizes a perpetual quest for quintessential excellence. We are the guardians of the valorization of materials that gives each creation a unique touch and feel, an exceptional sensory experience.

More than just creators, we are storytellers, captivated by your dreams. We listen carefully to your needs, and bring to life bespoke projects that do not just meet your needs, but transcend your aspirations. Each detail is meticulously thought out and crafted to be a perfect reflection of your dreams, creating pieces that blend harmoniously with your interior.

Our creative approach is rooted in a vision of sustainability and eco-friendliness. We are committed to creating objects that become timeless heirlooms, uniting elegance and sustainability. Each creation is a contribution to a more environmentally-friendly world, where luxury meets sustainability. Our sustainable approach is reflected not only in our selection of materials, but also in our manufacturing processes, which favor environmentally-friendly methods.

This commitment is measured not only by the quality of our creations, but also by the positive impact we wish to have on the world that surrounds us. Our pieces are exceptional creations that transcend time and contribute to creating a more sustainable and harmonious future.



An ambassador of French art de vivre, Arthylae invites you into a world where dreams, luxury and elegance rhyme with discipline and excellence.

We are driven by a single desire: to offer our world a reflection of elegance by creating precious and refined pieces.

Our unique creativity and know-how are demonstrated through a creative process that goes beyond mere design. At Arthylae, each creation is the result of a magical journey, where imagination and technical mastery merge harmoniously.

Our craftsmen of excellence leverage a perfect mastery of traditional techniques, while integrating technological innovations, to bring each of our creations to life.

Each detail is carefully considered, each finish carefully selected. It is this attention to detail that sets our creative process apart, ensuring that each piece embodies the very essence of elegance and innovation. Creativity becomes a dreamlike experience, where each element is an exceptional artistic adventure.


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